Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin

Where your pet comes for the rock star treatment!

Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin officially formed April 12, 1965. This makes us the oldest dog training club in town. The Club's goal is to promote a wider knowledge and appreciation of the benefits of training and the rewards of participating in approved American Kennel Club events.

To achieve that goal we offer instruction to the public in training of all breeds and mix breeds of dogs and promote competitive sports approved by AKC by offering matches and trials. In all things we endeavor to promote good sportsmanship and responsible dog ownership among the Club members and all dog lovers, owners, and handlers.


President               Seleana Yates
Vice President        Kate Dieringer-Bird
Secretary               Pat Mewhinney
Treasurer               Mary Carter
Membership           Cheryl Harper
Member-at-Large    Nanci Fisher
Member-at-Large    Mark Slevin

March 2014 Meeting will be Vote Night!

And the Nominees are:

President - Rene Messina
                    Tim Carter
Vice President - Kate Bird
Treasurer - Mary Carter
Secretary - Helen Dorrance
Membership - Mark Slevin
                         Linda Reitzel
Member at Large - 2 Positions -
                          Nanci Fisher
                          Mary Cervenka
                          Cheryl Sepulveda
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